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another amazing sunset. I gotta admit, I hate this town, but it has amazing sunsets.


When people attack disabled people for being ‘fakers’ they are attacking disabled people

Our very existence is considered suspect

The unwillingness to believe in disability IS ableism



there’s no such thing as being fake queer or fake trans because these things are defined wholly by self-identification and behavior. if you want to be queer or trans but aren’t sure if you’re real enough, congratulations, you’re already there. the big secret is that almost everyone is afraid of being fake. this is because there is a very powerful impetus from the rest of the world that wants you to believe that you are not fundamentally queer/trans and that therefore you should forego these things and just be “normal”. this is of course a miserable way to exist and embracing agency in being queer or trans is one of the most fulfilling things you can do


why “differently abled” is bullshit

  • differently abled: can do the thing, just in a different way
  • disabled: can’t do the thing, or doing the thing will lead to extreme pain, stress, etc.

"differently abled" ties into the belief that disabled people aren’t really disabled and that we’re just lazy shits.

c’mon. disabled is not a bad word.

ocean of light

ocean of light